Strengthening European Cultural Identity through Interdisciplinary Heritage Studies

The main purpose of the Jean Monnet Module Strengthening European Cultural Identity through Interdisciplinary Heritage Studies is to establish a series of lectures related to the field of cultural heritage as an important aspect of the European integration processes. The cultural policy represents a significant means of economic and social cohesion in the context of European integration, while cultural heritage is recognized as both the manifestation of cultural diversity and a resource for sustainable cultural, social, environmental and economic development. On the other hand, strengthening international cultural cooperation, with clear initiatives and partnerships in the cultural sector, is an important component in the European integration of Serbia.


The proposed project aims at the Europeanization of the existing curricula in order to develop an international, interdepartmental and interdisciplinary program for individuals who wish to become heritage experts and practitioners. Involved academics have developed innovative approaches to cultural identities and the European perspective, which would offer multi-layered knowledge and prepare participants to examine problems from multiple perspectives: historical, social, cultural, religious, political, economic, etc.   


By the application of innovative teaching strategies, students and young professionals would learn to: comprehend and use the unique potential of heritage in supporting intercultural dialogue; compare European and local cultural values, with understanding of diversity as a mechanism for promoting unity; promote national cultural heritage as the part of European cultural context; work on awareness rising of European cultural identity in local cultural traditions.


5th Workshop – CulTures of Novi Sad – 3 faces of one city

The 5th workshop will be held on Wednesday, February 2, 2022, at the LAB Cultural Center The various social, political and cultural circumstances in which Novi Sad developed from the beginning of the 18th century to the beginning of the 1990s determined the character of its cultural heritage.We have been researching politics, religion, culture, art, …

Proceedings European Railway Heritage has been published.

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