Interdisciplinary approach

The Module is designed for the students of the University of Novi Sad who do not automatically come into contact with European integration studies, therefore taking a form of general course. The Module would adopt an interdisciplinary approach, focusing on raising the level of awareness of the importance of overcoming cultural borders in the European context, reading and interpreting (multi)national cultural heritage as a product of intercultural dialogue and an integral part of a wider European cultural space, identifying and contextualising dynamic issues of cultural identities from a pedagogical and research perspective, designing multidimensional, culturally appropriate and innovative teaching and research processes, as well as disseminating project results to different user groups.

It is assumed that envisaged series of lectures on the European cultural heritage policies and development would induce students’ interests in the topic, extend and deepen knowledge of participants, and encourage a greater level of professional cooperation, as Module would be opened to the students as well as for professionals working in the field. The international conference would be designed to encourage interaction among participants, provide opportunities for professors and young researchers to discuss, as well as to contribute to the achievement of concrete academic results of the Module. Dissemination of results would be realized by conference proceedings, as well as papers published in internationally recognized and peer-reviewed journals.

The expected overall impact of the project is a considerable contribution to the capacity building of human resources, increase of expertise and integrated interdisciplinary approach to protection and promotion of Europe’s cultural heritage as a shared resource and bearer of the common European identity.