Workshop 1

NOVI SAD – A modern European city

During the two-day workshop at the Cultural Station Svilara on February 27 and 28, 2020, students developed project proposals for selected public buildings from the interwar period nomination for the European Heritage Label.

Does interwar modernism in Novi Sad have a European character? This question we tried to answer during the workshop, offering project ideas based on the following elements:

  • raising awareness of the European significance of the site, in particular through appropriate information activities, signage and staff training;
  • organizing cultural, artistic and educational activities that strengthen the sense of belonging to common space;
  • promoting multilingualism and facilitating access to the site using several European languages;
  • participation in the activities of other European sites that have already been awarded the Label, all to exchange experiences and launch joint initiatives;
  • increasing the visibility and attractiveness of sites on a European scale, inter alia through the use of opportunities offered by new technologies, digital and interactive means