During creation new curricula involved professors were focused on several main topics: cultural borders and links in the European context; cultural heritage as a product of intercultural dialogue; contextualisation of dynamic cultural identities issues; sustainability of European cultural heritage. Courses is prepared in order to underline complexity of European cultural heritage and critically discuss the problematic related to its foundations, values and potentials. 

The Module envisages teaching activities and special events (workshops and conference), to be carried out during project implementation period of three years (2019-2022). All activities, scheduled in a preparation phase, will be realized according to the following schedule.

Winter semester:

1. Conceptualisation of European cultural heritage, Anica Draganić, 10 teaching hours; 

2. Cultural heritage programmes and initiatives in the EU, Mirjana Sladić, 10 teaching hours;

3. European identities and intercultural communication, Dušan Ristić, 10 teaching hours;

4. Intersections of European cultural history 1, Anica Draganić, 10 teaching hours;

5. Intersections of European cultural history 2, Dragana Konstantinović, 10 teaching hours;

Workshop 1

Summer semester:

6. Impacts and implementation of European practices in the field of cultural heritage, Mirjana Sladić, 10 teaching hours;

7. Sustainable cultural tourism in Europe, Miroslav Vujičić, 5 teaching hours;

8. Common and Particular Contexts of the South-East European Modernist Architectural Heritage, Dragana Konstantinović, 10 teaching hours;

9. EU project management and design in cross-cultural environment, Miroslav Vujičić, 10 teaching hours;

10. Cultural routes as an instrument of European integration, Anica Draganić, 10 teaching hours;

11. Culture, identity and heritage in digital perspective, Dušan Ristić, 5 teaching hours;

Workshop 2