Accents of the industrial past of Veliki Liman

Rethinking CONCRETE

Within the Jean Monnet Module Strengthening European Cultural Identity through Interdisciplinary Heritage Studies during the summer semester 2021/22, students of the Master of Architecture and Urbanism, Faculty of Technical Sciences, researched the industrial heritage of Veliki Liman.

One of the goals of the Module is the reading and interpretation of (multi) national cultural heritage as a product of intercultural dialogue and an integral part of the broader European cultural space. Accordingly, we tried to discover the invisible layers of the researched location, unknown narratives of forgotten history, and intangible dimensions of industrial heritage, all in the desire to promote local industrial heritage and its (re)integration into the broader Central European cultural context.

The interdisciplinary approach in the study resulted in high-quality conceptual solutions for the conversion and renovation of the Beton complex, published in the book Accents of the industrial past of Veliki Liman Рfrom cement miniatures to concrete giants.