Heritage studies

The Republic of Serbia, as part of the region outside the European Union, still does not have a pronounced European dimension in formal higher education. Academic studies in the field of architecture, especially architectural history and heritage are not commonly associated with EU issues, in spite of the international character of architecture itself. 

The undergraduate architecture studies programme at the University of Novi Sad offers basic knowledge in the history of European architecture from the ancient to the modern period, without the possibility of comparison local and international examples. Architectural heritage modules combine theoretical and practical education, offering a methodological approach with an emphasis on practical knowledge and skills based on fieldwork at local sites.

The importance of linking international and local topics in heritage studies has been recognized by young assistant professors at the Faculty of Technical Sciences, who teach architectural history and heritage. Due to these facts, the proposed project aims at the Europeanization of the existing curricula in order to develop an international, interdepartmental and interdisciplinary program for individuals who wish to become heritage experts and practitioners. Involved academics have developed innovative approaches to cultural identities and the European perspective, which would offer multi-layered knowledge and prepare participants to examine problems from multiple perspectives.